Woodworking Projects And Plans An Easy And Beginner Way

Sometimes I get confused about “woodworking projects” term after looking at numerous blog posts over the internet. Many time I ask a question to myself that “are woodworking projects cool to built?”. “Are there enough woodworking fans so that I can share my woodworking projects and plans with them over the internet?”

And after getting so many visitors on my woodworking blog, it’s confirmed that there are many woodworkers who loved to find their projects and plans online.

It’s obvious that woodworking is not started 10 years ago or 50 years ago, it’s going from almost our ancient ages. People used to make wood weapons, coffins, wheels, utensils and many day to day life tools.


Today you cannot imagine how woodworking has changed to advance level with advanced techniques and tools. We can make a huge house made up of wood withing a couple of days with woodworking techniques. To understand these advanced level woodworking projects first, we need to learn and become an ace in small and easy woodworking projects.

Woodworking Projects and Plans

Before we move into actual carpentry process first we need to plan everything in detail so that there will be no mistakes in actual practice.

While planning for your woodworking projects you must think of the type of wood you will be needed, dimensions of subpart as well as assembly, method of joining subparts, woodworking tools required for cutting joining and assembling subparts.

You may also need to prepare the CAD drawing of the whole assembly so that you can simulate things before you can actually make it. Thinking about all these small things will help you to complete your woodworking projects with greater finish and quality.

To simplify the things and to make you know about “how these woodworking plans are?” I am giving you few examples. Just have a look on these.

(1) Bird House Woodworking Projects and Plans

For bird lovers, bird house would be ideal to start their woodworking journey. There are 100’s of bird house designs that you can find in the market but for your understanding purpose I am sharing a simple one.

woodworking plans

In spite above bird house plan looks simple it needs much planning before we can actually make it. you can check a 2D diagram from all views of this bird house which are self-explanatory by showing all the required dimensions. So that you can complete such small woodworking projects within a day or two. Just have a look on these.

woodworking plans

(2) Garden Table Woodworking Projects and Plans

Garden table is a bit complicated woodworking project for beginners but still a beginner can complete such woodworking projects within 4-5 days.garden table plans

Even though the above image looks simple it requires in-depth planning to make error free product. If you don’t to proper research amount of wood waste will be more and thus the loss. For understanding how to make a list of required materials, you can check this image.

garden bench plans

(3) Toolbox Woodworking Projects and Plans

Woodworking toolbox generally comes in a handy size which can hold small tools like hammers, spanners, chisels, nails etc. Image shown below will give you an idea of the simple wooden toolbox which is a must needed for all woodworkers.

toolbox plans

I have also collected a 2D sketch which reveals all the details like lengths, widths,  hole sizes, angles of toolbox plan. By looking at this, I can definitely say that detail planning is required before completing any woodworking projects.

Easy Woodworking Projects and Plans

easy woodworking projects

Have you checked the above image? Don’t you think you can complete woodworking projects like above within a day without too many resources? For completing this projects, you won’t need much time in research, wood availability, tools, and other things.

So I need to clear few points/ questions that may arise in your minds regarding easy woodworking projects.

(1) Less research time

(2) No complicated 2D woodworking plan needed as it can be planned on a single piece of paper.

(3) No expensive tools required.

(4) No additional skills required than making holes and grooves.

(5) Easy woodworking projects can be made without seeking others help.

(6) No advanced machinery require like woodworking lathes, woodworking CNC, Woodworking milling.

I hope you got my point already. So now what can you make under easy woodworking projects. Here are few simple ideas with which you can kickstart your woodworking journey today.

wooden toys for kids, wooden tray for a kitchen, riddling rack, educational wooden blocks for kids, small tables, small wooden workbenches, wooden laptop tables, wooden mobile holders and many more. These are just a few ideas just came into my mind, but you know sky has no limit.

Beginners Woodworking Projects

All easy woodworking projects mentioned above can be attempted by beginners too. For better productive work as well as for their enjoyment it is highly recommended to beginners to start from more small projects.

On the first point wannabe woodworkers may feel daunting and tough, but with every exercise one can improve their skills as well as knowledge.

Many of the professional woodworkers experience difficulty in chamfering, beveling, dovetail fixture joining, 45-degree corners joining. Even they are learning every day from their past woodworking experience. Apart from above-mentioned projects I want to share few more beginners woodworking projects, so you can move to your work desk asap.


x leg table plans

This is simplest x leg table plan whereas one can make it more smarter by crafting fancy legs, engraving some fancy pictures on top or on side corners. Beginner woodworkers can make these tables from waste fencing plates or with any cheap wood plates available at stores.

The top of this x leg table can be of round shape but it is not recommended for beginners as it would be difficult to cut  the exact round shape and special tools required for such operations.


window box plans

People who stay in cities and still has an interest in gardening this can be an ideal woodworking project for them. This plan hardly needs a day and can be made with scrap wood. Beginners can use their basic woodworking tools too.

Again this can be one of the simplest woodworking projects which  can be attempted by beginners. By looking at right side design from above image, you can image how much easy this can be.

There is a single plate and support along with circular holes for supporting flower pots. If you still face difficulty in making round hole while doing your woodworking projects just attempt it with a rectangular design.

(3) Reuse of Fruit Crates for Various Purposes

Fruit crates can be reused to make many easy wood projects like planting box, organizing foyers, making wall storages, making storage racks. One can also use them for lifting height of furniture.

woodworking projects

The L-shaped sofa set used to be of smaller height, but by reusing fruit crates we are able to increase the height so easily. I bet if any noob woodworker says that he can’t do this. Likewise hanging wall rack/storage is also easy to make as it need only a perfect square joint.

Woodworking Bench Plans

Woodworking bench isn’t just a wooden table, it’s a work holding device which can hold objects nearly of any shape. Woodworking bench plans may have more than 1 accessory like bench vise, bench dogs, planning tools, measurement tools and various fixtures.

woodworking bench plans

wannabe woodworkers may require a simple a workbench as they may be dealing with simple woodworking projects, but in reality, woodworking bench plans should be designed with some specifications.

Woodworking benches should be right enough so that while working on it should stand like a stud. It should capable of neutralizing all the forces we apply during various woodworking operations like planing, boring, rimming, knurling or other finishing operations.

Steps for Making Woodworking Bench Plans

(1) First design the base of a work bench.

(2) Design the right leg structure where those should be stiff enough to sustain all the forces.

(3) Assemble both top and legs of the table.

(4) Attach measurement tapes with the help of permanent glue.

(5) Attach Bench vise and other work holding devices which you will be going to require for your future woodworking projects.

(6) You also need to add a benchtop protection so that small parts like nails don’t get flushed on the floor for safety.

In this way, you need to build your woodworking benches. I am going to share detail workbench bench plans in future but for now and nor beginners above mentioned tips are enough.

Basic Woodworking Supplies/Tools

Basic woodworking supplies is the term totally different from the beginners woodworking tools. the beginners word indicates that the person is a layman and he supposed to touch those woodworking tools for the first time.

woodworking tools

So basic woodworking supplies are those which you can carry for a long time from today and can be used from projects to projects. In fact, these are not special purpose tools which are required for the special purpose only. These are a couple of tools which are must have assets for any woodworkers at any time.

As per my opinion, one should choose woodworking tools for hardwood material working rather than choosing for soft material like plywood. It’s obvious that if your tool can work with hardwood, it can easily and smoothly handle other jobs.

I have made a list of 5 basic woodworking supplies/tools which you should note down and keep them in your woodworking arsenal.

(1) Power jointer

For flattening the pieces of hardwood, power jointer is the best tool available in the market. Almost all woodworking plans need joining process so power jointer can save a lot of time and can do hassle free joining.

(2) Saw (Circular Saw/Powered Saw)

Cutting hardwood particles was never been an easy job for woodworkers. With the manual dovetail saw it may take hours to cut wood pieces from rough lumber trunk. A circular automatic saw can handle this job easily and lower down efforts by almost 95%. A table saw can be another option for circular saw if you are on tight budget and can’t afford circular automatic saw.

(3) Jack Plane

Jack plane is one of the conventional woodworking tools which can be used from beginner level to advanced one. It is a bench tool used for planning rough surfaces, rough stock removal, smoothening the boards. If you are on a tight budget then this is must have tool for every woodworker. A low angle jack plane generally preferred for all kind of finishing operations.

(4) Power Drill

Power drill reduces woodworkers efforts as everyone need it for making screw holes and another kind of grooves. A lot of accessories are available for power drills. For beginners, few drill bits can manage their work.

(5) Square Tape Measures

One should also be equipped with square tapes, pencils, sharpeners for marking and measurement purpose.

Here are few myths about traditional woodworking tools which you should keep in mind. You will never regret presence of any traditional tools after reading this.

Traditional woodworking supplies are not slow. On the workbench, you can use them for fast operations as well. It’s not tooling it’s a worker who makes the process slow by human errors.

Traditional woodworking tools can handle complex work parts too. Sometimes you may get stuck even by using powered tools. At that time, traditional ones will help you for sure.

Don’t even think that only powered tools are costlier. Some of the traditional tools are way much costlier than powered tools.

For handling, such traditional equipment’s no special skill is required. With the help of manual provided by the company, you can start working with it in no time.

Wood Projects That Sell

In the commercial point of view, I’d like share some of the wood projects that sell fast and professional woodworkers can make a profit out of it.

Tables, bird houses, wooden baby cradles, benches, bar stools, bookcases, picture frames, small wooden boxes, fruit bowl, fancy wooden clocks, wooden spoons etc.

If you are doing woodworking job in commercial point of view then you must build products which are low cost, so that you can sell more copies in less time. Smaller sized woodworking products sell much faster than bigger ones as they are low cost too.

Final Words

In this article, I tried to reveal many terms related to woodworking along with many tips for newbie woodworkers to kickstart their projects. Now the only thing you need is to take action on whatever you have learned from this article. In my upcoming blog posts, I am going to post latest woodworking projects for home, gardens etc,

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