Why Do We Need Machines For Woodworking Projects?

Woodworking was need of early humans as well as 20th-century people too. Many of us take woodworking projects as a hobby, but few of us still think commercially. Actually I don’t want to start a debate on who is the best man or machine, but I want to focus on some advantages of using machines in your woodworking projects. As I am mechanical engineers and already have experience in woodworking industry I can tell you how one can improve their efficiency in doing wood projects with machines.

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10 Advantages of Using Machines in Woodworking Projects

(1) Less Labour

Today’s one of the biggest problems is high wages of labour. With the help of conventional lathe of cnc woodworking lathe machine, you can easily cut down the cost of high-wage labour.

(2) Less Manufacturing Time

As hand made parts take much time to produce and thus they becomes costlier which is not good for sales. Even one CNC woodworking machine can product 100’s of finished products every day without even changing tool or even without continuously feeding workpiece.

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(3) High Productivity With fewer Efforts.

All commercial woodworking projects are made on high priority as there is a hungry market in front of you. To full fill, this companies or individual should be as much productive as possible. Industries like furniture manufacturers, home decors, ship building industries work on such a high priority that even delay of 1 hour for delivery can cost them $1000 loss.

(4) Better Surface Finish

As each task would be handled by machine work surface finish would be more accurate and more finished. This can improve the quality of the product up to the great extent and thus one can get more money for his project.

(5) High Precision Cuts

Many woodworking projects requires high precision cuts and undercuts which can only be possible with the help of machines. If you go for conventional woodworking lathe machine then you need to add some inserts and if you go for CNC  woodworking machines then many advanced tools and arrange will already be done for you.

(6) Less Rejected Parts

If you ever tried making any woodworking or carpentry project then you might have noticed that even one mistake can take down your whole project. With the help of machines chances of mistakes gets reduced so automatically rejection of part also gets reduce. This saves much more time and money as well.


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