How to Use A Circular Saw for Woodworking Project

Woodworking is one of the most versatile professions in the world, as the woodworker has to make different designs engraving the woods using various instruments. Of all the instruments, for the finest work, the most popular choice of the woodworker is a circular saw.

circular saw

Circular saw can cut the wood in any shape at any end with the best finishing. Most of the circular saw used in woodworking is hand held and powered by the electricity. Using circular saw in woodworking projects requires some knowledge and practice.

It would be difficult for a beginner to cut the woods with a circular saw if he or she has not done it before. An Even experienced woodworker who used to cut the woods for many years with the other handheld instruments needs to know about the circular saw, as cutting wood with the circular saw is easier than any other cutting tools.
So, here I am giving a short and complete guide to using the circular saw in an efficient manner in woodworking projects.

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Know about the types of circular saw:

The first thing you have to do before cutting with a circular saw is to own a circular saw. You need to know exactly what kind of circular saw is a need for your work. There are many types of circular saws are available in the market. If you do not have precise knowledge about them, the motive of buying circular saw would not be fulfilled.

Know what other materials are needed along with it:

For cutting wood with a circular saw, you will also need some materials like saw benches, extension cords, marking tool, guide rail, etc. along with the circular saw. These things are mandatory for cutting wood with the circular saw and will make cutting easier for you.

Know about the blades:

With the appropriate circular saw and the other necessary materials, you are ready to go for working with the circular saw. While working with the circular saw the most difficulties you will face with the blades of the circular saw if you do not know their particular uses.

Most of the circular saw comes with different types of blades. Each blade has its activity and cutting capacity. The number of teeth on the blade helps to determine the cutting speed of the blade. Blades which have 24 teeth are appropriate for the rough cut where fast cutting is more important than accuracy.

For clean cut with precision 40-80 teeth are required. Rip blades are known as aggressive cut blades which have teeth among 16 to 40. So if you are not sure about the function of the teeth of the blade, you will not be able to use them for your work.

Be aware of the safety:

While working with power or electrically run instruments, you have to maintain the highest security in your job. The circular saw is also an electrically powered saw, so you have to be careful while using the circular saw.

PPE glass or goggles in eyes, gloves in hand are must while working with the circular saw. Wearing loose clothes and keeping the hair untied are also prohibited in collaboration with such materials. On while working with the saw, you should play safe.

After finishing the work, you should turn off the power supply. You also have to stay in right position and held your saw in a proper way while cutting. The improper holding of the saw can cause kickback which is enough for making a major accident.

You also have to be careful while cutting the wood. You should not cut the wood from the middle part. Drawing a cut line into the place of cutting can reduce the chances of any injury.
So, these are the ways of using a circular saw in woodworking projects. You will learn the lot more things right when you start working with the circular saw.


Woodworking saw can almost half the efforts in your journey of finishing goals with higher accuracy and low maintenance. Circular saw’s doesn’t cost much that’s why it is one of the favorite tools amongst all woodworkers.

here is an interesting infographic about the circular saw

how to use a circular saw

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