4 Wonderful, Easy Wood Working Bench Plans for Beginners

What is Wood Working Bench?

There are almost 5 million Americans actively participate in woodworking with the employment of  3,165 and annual growth of 5.9%. A number of people are showing more interest in woodworking day by day. Beginners always face difficulty in finding all the things at a place. So I decided to cover maximum information about easy wood working bench plans for beginners.

This blog post will help out to get maximum information about different types of benches used in woodworking according to their applications.

woodworking bench


Have you created work bench ever for your wood shop? If you are a beginner woodworker then you might be willing to make one for your woodworking garage.

The wood working bench is not just a table it’s a work holding device where we also want our some of the important woodworking tools to get settled.

A wood working bench should also be sturdy enough to sustain the forces that keep acting while we remove material from wood, hammering, and other operations. The thickness of top plates, strong joints between legs and top, grooves on top are few other things to be considered while thinking about your woodworking bench.

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Designing Your Wood Working Bench

woodworking bench design

(1) Base – Base of the wood working bench should be tough enough to sustain to various gradual loads. If you don’t give much attention at this basic level your bench design will get fail. Either you may create or purchase your bench you should consider its design carefully. 4 legs structure will give it a sturdy look as well as strength. Keep their length around 3 feets or you first need to go for analyzing its height according to your (woodworkers) height.

(2) Top – For beginner level wood working bench plate thickness can be around 1 inches to 2 inches. Top of the bench should provide firm joint to bench vice so that it can hold any of your jobs properly. You may provide different size grooves on your bench top. There must be provision for plaining stops, bench dogs, and other bench vices.

Top of the table can be made with multilayer medium density fiberboard, plywood, oak wood etc. If you think fiberboard is expensive you can go for multilayer plywood or oak wood. At this beginner level, you can consider two factors into consideration while building your workbench –

(a) short time

(b) low cost

but suppose you are doing woodworking at a higher level like for commercial purpose you need to put both time and money while designing your bench top.

(3) Material – Just go to your nearest lumber shop and get straight, dry piece of wood. Never ever go for green wood as when it will get dry your tables structure will fail. Carefully sort those stacks of wood to save your hard earned money.

If you are building wood working bench first time consider these few mistakes which other beginner woodworkers did earlier.

Wood Working Bench Building Mistakes by Beginners

woodworking mistakes

(1) Too many bench vises on the workbench.

Don’t make your work bench too heavy by mounting too many bench vises. 1 or 2 are enough for your work and if you are beginner woodworker one is enough for you. Don’t make it too complicated at the initial level.

(2) Lot many dogfasts and holdfast on the bench top.

There is no need of putting too many dogfast and holdfast on the top as if not done properly they weaken the structure of your table. Creating dogfasts and holdfasts is not an easy job, it takes much time to make them perfectly and you won’t need then until you have some kind of special job. So ignore this.

woodworking plans for beginners

(3) Overthinking about the wood material.

As you are going to do various operations on your table tops its 100% sure that after the use of 5-10 years it will get wear out or tear out at many places, it may bend. So just go for dry straight, strong wood that can keep your work up for at least 5-6 years.

(4) Overthinking about wood table height.

This can be decided by analyzing your height. Just go for any height between your thighs and waist. You will get used to of this height and it won’t create any problem for your back for sure.

(5) Making it an arsenal of woodworking tools.

Your wood working bench should not be an arsenal of too many woodworking tools. Keep it clean, organized and load free. It’s obvious that if you put too many tools out there you are going to face many handling difficulties while actually working on your table.

(6) Making bench too deep.

Too deep benches are of no use at all. They are just a headache for the woodworker.  So keep them deep enough so that you can do your woodworking operations flawlessly.

(7) Choosing wrong tools while building your workbench.

If you are going to invest your money on laminated tops then choosing wrong tools while structuring it can create you a problem. It requires special purpose tools. So try to collect information before using any of such woodworking tools.

(8) Overthinking about bench top flatness and its movement.

Bench top may get wear out after few years of working even if you built world’s costliest bench top. and you can fix your benches within an hour or two. If anything gets broken you can either replace or do your manipulation in no time.

(9) Making it that nice like a dining table.

Do you want to eat dinner on your woodworking bench? LOL. I guess no one want this. So keep it simple. No need to make it cool. Save your hard earned money for buying different woodworking tools for your more advanced woodworking projects.

In actual there are 100’s of bench plans available on the internet that you might have stumbled upon already but for beginners, there is no need to go for any fancy or flashing thing, as most of them are made for special purposes only. So stick to simple, traditional and generic designs. here are 6 wood working bench plans that you will need to create your first one.

(1) A Cheap And Sturdy Workbench

sturdy workbench

This is just a simple but very sound and sturdy wood working bench with 2×4’s of plates. two wooden plates with decent width are joined together with 4 legs. The original creator of the table used 7/16″  OSB (Oriented Strand Board) wood material for this project. Joints are screwed with large 3 inches screws to provide a firm joint. You need not go with much heavier OSB sheets as they don’t have that much significance for such a simple table.

(2) Folding Workbench

folding workbench

In your woodworking store/garage if there is no space for big work bench then you may go for such folding tables. It’s almost 4 x 7-ft when both the flaps are flat/opened. But if there is too much crowd in your room you can fold it down to 4-ft. x 18-in. It’s an ideal table for artwork, woodworking hobbies,  making repairs etc.

No complex wood joints made in this project rather just simple screwing, straight cuts and proper and accurate measurement while cutting has been done. This table is simply made with multilayered plywood. On the side panel, there is a provision for the hanger for hanging light weight tools that you regularly use. I think beginners can try this innovative deign as their first project.

(3) Collapsible Workbench

Collapsible Workbench

The name collapsable stands for when this workbench not in use you can unscrew it and keep it aside. It’s an another simple wood bench project that you can try at your workplace. Below you can check the specific dimensions for proper cutting of wooden plates for making a top of the table.

wood working bench

woodworking projects

In this project the top connected to side plates with 3-inch hinges and side plates connected with 2.5 inches hinges. You can use any wood material like oak wood for this project.

(4) Plywood Top Workbench

plywood top work bench plywood top workbench

The original manufacturer of this plywood top woodworking bench shown all the details on above images. This design may be a little bit complicated for beginners but if you learn and research few things which are mentioned in above plan, you would be able to make such stunning design at home.

This woodworking bench has got two bench vises for work holding purpose which is an indication of multipurpose use. You can use for a bit complicated projects too.


In a nutshell for beginner level, one should not go to any fancy or flashy level while creating wood working bench. Just go simple, avoid mistakes that I mentioned above and do your cutting work carefully.

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