16 New Alluring Woodworking Project Ideas That Sell

Wooden projects look really beautiful because of the wood's distinctive character and originality. These days, most of the people prefer original and handmade wooden projects as compared to factory-prepared environment-harming ones. If you're creative and have some knowledge of woodworking, you'll find a big market for your wooden projects. All you need to do is some research on the woodworking plans and projects and know about the crafts that people love to buy.

If you choose to make these projects to sell, you'll find that many woodcrafts can be created in a very short span. This post is a small tour of some of the best and unique wood projects that you can create and sell.

woodworking projects that sell

Woodworking projects for beginners

Before stepping into the woodworking world, you should keep some points in mind. If you want to sell locally, do some research on the market trends. You can choose a single craft and make lots of them or go for different styles and design a broader category of wooden projects. You can come up with a lot of woodcraft ideas to sell, but here are some of our unique ideas that can help you throughout. So here are some of the woodworking projects for beginners:


Simple boxes

Simple boxes are ideal to start woodcraft. Building wooden boxes are very simple and they can be useful for keeping things too. They will polish your wood crafting skills and give engineering ideas for more complex woodcrafts.


Address plate

A wooden address plate is so easy to make and it can give a creative and appealing look to your entrance. It's a stylish way to practice wood crafting and is perfect for beginners.


Cup holder

A wooden cup holder is ideal for placing on sofa sleeves. All you have to do is take three wood planks, cut a hole in them, and join them together. The hole is for placing cups and glasses while you relax on your sofa.



To make a wooden dock, you'll need just a single piece of wood. It can be used for placing cell phones, tabs, and iPads. Creating a wooden dock will depend on your creativity because carving it can be a little challenging.


Arrow wall art

This is one of the simplest wood projects that sell great. It is as simple as ABC and if you're into woodworking, it will not stress your mind. Just take 6 wooden planks and make pairs of them. Cut them in arrow shapes and join together.



You might have seen beautiful wooden doormats at the front of wooden shops and restaurants. These are very simple yet elegant and add an artistic look to the entrance. A wooden doormat can attract buyers and if you want to use them for your house, then they can be a good way to welcome guests.


Candle holder

A wooden candle holder is another thing to start with. You'll need only one piece of wood and your work is done. Cut four to five small candle holes in the wood to put candles inside them. You can also add beauty to this candle holder by attaching horseshoes on both sides.


Wooden USB drive

This one can be a little challenging as it is very small in size. It is simple to design but requires some wood crafting skills. You can take two small wood pieces and attach them together. If you want to make a keychain USB drive holder, you'll need to cut a small hole through it too.



A wooden shelf is all about attaching wood planks together, but all this also requires skills and talent. A wooden shelf can be perfect for putting things and can add beauty to the room placed in. You can place it on the floor or design it for wall-hanging purposes too.


Beauty storage

Another easy woodcraft idea is to design beauty storage. You can keep it in the washroom or on your dressing table to keep things. First, make a small platform and cut holes in it for placing small things inside them. Then, attach a wood plank to this base for hanging things. You can make small compartments made of wood or plastic to keep things like creams, brushes, pencils, and more.


Children’s toys

Wooden toys are admired by people for ages. This is because of their durability and wood's inherent quality. If you want to earn huge profits through woodworking projects, designing children's toys would be a perfect idea. Wooden toys are bestsellers for many reasons. They are considered safe and durable as compared to other materials such as plastic or steel. Due to wood's originality, parents are ready to spend huge amounts on wooden toys. This wooden project is exclusively for children, so you'll have to be more careful throughout the designing phase. Use the best quality materials and always make sure that the toys are safe enough to be used by a child.



Another woodworking project that sells is a birdhouse. Birdhouses look very charming and exemplary when placed outdoors. People are ready to pay for such wooden pieces to place in their gardens and impress others. You can do a little research on different birdhouse designs and then get your hands on this woodworking project.


Spoons and ladles

You can also make wooden spoons and ladles to start a small business. This craft can be very interesting and it will polish your wood crafting skills. You can attract a lot of people by displaying your wooden spoons and ladles. These days, people are more interested in using wooden utensils because they are safer to use. Glass can easily break and plastic is considered harmful for health. That's the reason wooden utensils are getting more popular these days. If you choose this project for selling, it can earn a fortune for you.


Baby cradles

Children's furniture is mostly designed from wood, and wooden cradles are a popular item. If you are thinking to make simple woodworking projects that sell great, this one is a must try. Parents always want beautiful and classical furniture to express their love for the new baby, so they spend lots of amounts to buy toys and furniture. Babies and children need different items as they grow up such as cradles, cots, chairs, tables, beds, storage boxes, and much more. A wooden cradle is an artistic woodworking project and is always in demand. Be careful while using the wood material as this product needs a lot of care and attention.


Picture frames

This one is a very versatile woodcraft as you'll get to learn many different styles while designing it. This wooden project is the one which never goes down in demand. Learn about the latest trends and design different wooden picture frames.


Side table

Another artistic woodcraft that can attract people is a side table. A wooden side table is cheaper, but because it is easier to make, you can design in bulk and earn a good amount. A side table is a must-have in sitting rooms along with sofas and chairs.

Few points to remember before you start making your woodworking projects

woodworking tips

If you have recently picked woodworking as a new hobby, you must consider some things which hold importance in this regard. Whether woodcraft is your hobby or you're adapting it to earn money, you'll have to take care of a lot of things. Go through these points which will help you throughout your woodworking projects that sell:

Build a woodworking bench First

A woodworking bench is a simple wooden table that you need to have for designing wooden things. You can keep your tools on it which can help you during the task. You can create a wooden bench for yourself, but if you're going to buy it, you must consider the cost and material used.

Cutting materials

Cutting materials are very important for woodworking projects. In fact, your woodcraft will mainly depend on the cutting materials used. Make sure you have enough cutting materials such as a jig saw, hand saw, band saw, circular saw, and table saw.

Drilling holes

For joining wood pieces together, you must learn to drill holes properly. A cordless drill is the best thing to use for this purpose. You can take a cordless drill anywhere and use it easily for drilling holes.

Screws and sanders

There are different types of screws to consider such as wooden screws, sheet metal screws, drywall screws, and machine screws. Sanders are used to add a finishing touch to the woodworking project. You can use hand sanders, orbital sanders, and belt sanders for this purpose.

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